How to start?

Trade with pleasure your NFT assets from web3 games

Marketplace is a tab in which you can find all available collections on the website and select the NFT you are interested in.

The People tab shows users who have registered and use our website.

Games display all available projects that are presented on our website.

Rewards – section which contains all the necessary information about our NFTs and how to obtain them.

Profile picture opens a section with access to your profile.

My inventory displays the items you own.

My profile displays complete information about you (friends, nickname, PFP and NFTs that you own).

My friends is a tab that shows information about your friends, incoming and outgoing requests.

Account settings will help you set up your profile and connect your wallet.

Chat allows you to communicate with users of the website.

Enter your e-mail address to receive news and updates on our website.

Roadmap will provide you with information about our plans and results we achieved.

How it works tab answers all frequently asked questions.

About section talks about us, our partners and opportunities.

Team – this is a tab with information about the members of our team.

Help tab open our gitbook with necessary information about our project.

Join the community on Twitter and Discord.

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